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Legal services for Recruitment Agencies

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Supporting recruitment agencies

With many end clients depending on their agency for advice and guidance around due diligence and compliance, it can be difficult to provide assurances without compromising your own position on risk. We can help provide security and transparency with expert legal and compliance advice on key areas such as IR35, alternative workforce solutions and assistance on a wide range on contractual matters. We work with you to ensure that all compliance risks are mitigated.

Stay ahead of the game and provide your clients with the broadest range of talent available to suit today’s business challenges.

Expansion Hub

Expansion Hub

Are you looking to engage with US clients to source permanent or temporary workers who have the right to work in the US?

Expanding to the US is an exciting and substantial move for UK recruitment agencies. The US job market’s diversity, economic growth, and technological innovation offer an abundance of opportunities.

Discover how we can support your agency in preparing for a successful expansion.

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Outsourcing solutions

Our team has extensive experience in advising on outsourced arrangements. We can offer advice on SOW, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Master or Neutral Vendor arrangements structured under a Managed Services Agreement where second tier or preferred suppliers are involved in the supply chain to secure talent.

Unlike many law firms, we also understand the commercial issues. Our expert advisers can assist you with drafting service level agreements, volume discounts and fee arrangements.

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Expert legal & compliance advice

Offering agencies expert legal advice on outsourcing solutions, recruitment law and IR35 Off-Payroll working.

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Supply chain audit & integrity

As a key part of the full contractor supply chain, you’ll know how critical it is that all parties are compliant with legislation.

Our belief is that all parties should be given the same advice in an open and honest way.  It’s only with this degree of transparency that the integrity of the supply chain can be maintained.  After all, the rules don’t change so the right advice is critical to working compliantly and in the best interests of all parties.

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WTT Legal Recruitment Dictionary

WTT Legal’s Recruitment Dictionary

We’re building a handy dictionary to help guide you through the ins and outs of all the technical and legal terms you will face within the world of recruitment outsourcing.

Whether you’re a contractor exploring options on how to deliver your services or a client seeking alternative recruitment models, our dictionary can help you discover what’s best for you.

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