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Where are you domiciled?

The simple definition of where someone is domiciled is where they originate from. That is entirely separate to where they currently live, have leave to reside, or where they pay taxes. A persons domicile status is a separate matter from residency status for tax purposes.

We can help you understand your domicile status which is key to understanding your tax status, both here in the UK and in your country of origin. It is essential to have a clear understanding and plans in place to manage the tax consequences if you are wanting to change your domicile of origin to a domicile of choice.

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Moving abroad or coming to the UK

Are you looking to get a change of scenery?

The rules surrounding residency can be complex and you may seem unsure how to approach becoming, and importantly, how to remain non-resident for tax purposes. Our qualified advisers review your circumstances and offer advice on that steps required in becoming resident or non-resident for UK tax purposes. Furthermore, we can offer ongoing advice, monitoring how many days you spend in the UK to ensure your residency determination remains correct and compliant.

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How we can help

If you are considering moving abroad certain aspects need to be thoroughly reviewed and mapped out. Our advisors can help with planning for your big move and provide the relevant tax advice.

We can offer advice within the following areas:

  • Non-domicile advice
  • Residency status reviews
  • Rules surrounding the remittance charge
  • Outlining for the first 15 years of tax residency for non-doms
  • On-going advice and planning
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