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Supply Chain Audit & Integrity

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End to end integrity

WTT understands the specific nuances of the tax and legal requirements surrounding the contracting workforce.

We work across the entire supply chain. From the individual, umbrella or recruitment agency, through to the end client, we can ensure all parties are compliant.

Our team of experts are here to help support your governance needs and mitigate risk. We work with you to ensure your systems and processes have the appropriate integrity to meet the business’ tax and legal compliance obligations.

Bespoke offering

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Bespoke offering

Each business is different and there is no one size fits all.  But a common theme is the reliance on a contingent workforce to bring agility, plug skills gaps and manage payroll costs. The complexities of both tax and legal requirements are often understated and misunderstood. Additionally, with the introduction of IR35 off-payroll reforms came new requirements for all parties in the supply chain.

With the risk now sitting firmly with the end client, contracts have become more complex. This has seen risk averse organisations opting to limit, or ban altogether, the use of contractors.

We can help.

We work with you to determine the scope of your audit and provide a bespoke approach to suit your needs.

  • providing verification of tax payments
  • confirming legal obligations are met through the contractual process
  • extending to cover broader obligations through workers rights or equal pay

Our legal and tax teams can navigate you through the process.

Safety in verification for the entire supply chain


Safety in verification for the entire supply chain

The kite mark for compliance, WTT is your partner in safe, transparent supply chain auditing.

A scalable, cost-effective solution for end clients to decrease liability risk from the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and for umbrellas to evidence comprehensive, consistent auditing.

Open.  Honest.  With Integrity.

Legacy Supply Chain Auditing

Legacy Supply Chain Auditing

With HMRC continuing to increase activity in the temporary worker industry the Tax risk accumulated within the sector is vast.

This has become a key point of M&A activity in the space. We are commonly seeing agencies preparing for an acquisition, only for their value to be reduced due to identified tax risk within their supply chain from inadequate compliance measures.

If you are an agency considering an acquisition in the next 3-5 years, our team will work with you to eliminate ongoing risk, account for legacy risk and prove compliance to a potential acquirer thereby increasing your presence and value in the market.


Introducing WTT’s partnership with SafeRec

A partnership defining the true industry standard for umbrella auditing.

SafeRec’s AI technology protects your agency and candidates against umbrella companies by performing real-time forensic audits of all payslips, ensuring your candidate’s payments are processed compliantly. It also provides your agency with a suite of products to stay compliant, including a Key Information Document Generator.

All Recruitment Agencies that use SafeRec Certified Umbrella Companies receive Audit Reports that:

  • Detail Audit Results: To gain insights into all audits that have been conducted and cross-referenced with RTIs sent to HMRC.
  • Show Employment/Engagement Methods: Understand how your workers are employed/engaged, whether it’s through Umbrella PAYE, CIS, PEO, etc.
  • Demonstrates Tax Liability-Free Supply Chain: Show proof to your end clients that there are no tax liabilities within your supply chain, strengthening your business relationships.
  • Protection against the CFA 2017: Maintain a record of your reasonable processes to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion, reinforcing your commitment to compliance.
  • Streamlines Risk Management: By eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming periodic snapshots, our Audit Reports provide ongoing risk reduction.

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