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Supporting end clients through the future workforce.

Workforce agility has become a fundamental pillar of the way we all do business.  The impacts of global pandemics, climate change, supply chain disruption and more affects every business whether small or large and from consumer goods to business services.

With many businesses adverse to risk, putting contractors inside IR35 seems an obvious solution. But by doing so, you could be restricting your access to the contingent talent pool. We can help review your options while ensuring you are fulfilling all necessary requirements. Our services include supply chain auditing & compliance and all round IR35 support.

Supporting corporate clients


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Delivering status determination statements

A status determination statement (SDS) should be issued for every assignment and a copy held by all parties. There are a number of areas to be considered, and while a larger company may have the skills in-house to issue the SDS using reasonable care, smaller companies would be advised to seek external counsel to ensure they comply with HMRC guidelines.

We can help.

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Supply chain audit & integrity

Supporting organisations with their tax governance needs & legal requirements. Our legal experts work with you to ensure your systems and processes have the appropriate integrity to meet the business’ tax & legal compliance obligations for your contracting workforce.

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Working practices questionnaire

Are you looking for a robust and comprehensive assessment of your working practices? Take our handy working practices questionnaire here!

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Client size test

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Off-payroll working – Client size test

Any business engaging a contractor through their limited company should first consider whether or not the small business exemption applies to them. The test will determine which party is responsible for applying the Off-Payroll Working Rules.

Do you meet these requirements? Take the test and find out here.

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Case study

A Day in the Life of a Contractor

Thinking of switching from PAYE to contracting? Or maybe you are already operating as a contractor?

Discover our comprehensive case study, detailing the journey of an individual who has left full time employment for a new working life in contracting, and the tax issues that they face.

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