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WTT’s history and strength comes from our work within the freelancing community. We pride ourselves on the close connection we have built over the years with those operating in the industry. Providing an all-round approach to tax matters relating to contracting, our primary focus is working closely with our clients to manage their existing HMRC tax enquiries.

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    Requests for information

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    Demands from HMRC

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    Challenging HMRC

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    Settlement with HMRC


    Accelerated payment notices

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Exploring your options

With our honest advice on contractor loans and HMRC enquiry management, we can guide you through the next steps.

Whether you seek to settle your tax affairs or move forward in litigating your position, we are here to help.

Section 684 Notices

Section 684 Notices

Section 684 Notices

Received a section 684 notice from HMRC?

If you have received a notice it is important to consider your next steps.

We can help. Contact us today to discuss your options with an advisor.

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Procorre enquiries

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Procorre enquiries

Has HMRC opened an enquiry in relation to your use of Procorre?

HMRC has begun issuing enquires to individuals and companies who have had involvement with the Procorre LLP schemes.

For more information on how the scheme operated and whether you could possibly be affected, contact one of our advisors today.

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Consequential Amendments

Consequential Amendments

HMRC are preparing to issue Consequential Amendments in relation to the tax arrangement ‘Icebreaker’.

Additional key talking points

We are constantly monitoring HMRC contractor activity and working with clients on ongoing enquiry matters.

If you are in receipt of an enquiry notice from HMRC, we can help. Discover more information and get in touch today.

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We no longer feel alone fighting this, its been a huge emotional rollercoaster for us all. Your straight-forward approach and patience in answering my questions was just amazing. And you went above the call of duty to keep me calm. I simply can’t thank you enough.

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