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Umbrella Companies

WTT & SafeRec


Introducing WTT’s partnership with SafeRec

A partnership defining the true industry standard for umbrella auditing.

Elevate your business and stand out in the competitive world of payroll processing by becoming a Certified Umbrella Company. Prove to your agencies and workers that each payroll is processed compliantly in real-time by providing them with detailed audit reports cross-referenced with the HMRC business account. Show your commitment to compliance and ethical business practices and give your clients and workers total peace of mind.

All Certified Umbrella Companies and their agencies will receive Audit Reports that:

  • Provide Detailed Audit Results: To gain insights into all audits that have been conducted and cross-referenced with RTIs sent to HMRC.
  • Show Employment/Engagement Methods: Understand how your workers are employed/engaged, whether it’s through Umbrella PAYE, CIS, PEO, etc.
  • Demonstrates a Tax Liability-Free Supply Chain: Show proof to your end clients and agencies that there are no tax liabilities within your supply chain, strengthening your business relationships.
  • Protection against the CFA 2017: Maintain a record of your reasonable processes to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion, reinforcing your commitment to compliance.
  • Streamlines Risk Management: By eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming periodic snapshots, our Audit Reports provide ongoing risk reduction.

Employment compliance

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Employment compliance

Of course, it’s not just about tax. We work with you to ensure you are fully meeting all requirements around holiday and sick pay, contractual obligations, workers rights directives and more.

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Supply chain integrity

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Supply chain audit & integrity

Umbrella companies are a core part of the contracting supply chain.  By independently verifying your records and payroll on an ongoing, monthly basis we help you provide assurance to your contractors, recruitment agencies and end clients.

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3 step approach

Creating confidence in your processes through 3 simple steps

  • Paper Cogs

    Using WTT’s indicators of non-compliance, we conduct a comprehensive, account-based reconciliation of every pay run, RTI submission and corresponding company bank statement to verify the correct amount of tax has been reported and paid in line with legislation.


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    Your company ownership structure and directors are monitored against
    a continuously evolving database of non-compliant tax avoidance schemes, maintained by WTT’s investigations team. This gives your clients certainty over the legitimacy of your offering, through unparalleled and evidenced transparency.


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    After each successful reconciliation you will be issued with a monthly certificate of compliance, recorded in a secure database hosted by WTT. Your clients have access, via their own login, to independently monitor ongoing validation, saving you and your end client time.


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