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UK Recruiters: Considering Expanding to the US?

The UK recruitment industry has long been recognised for its innovation and adaptability. Recruitment…

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How much inheritance tax will I pay?

Inheritance Tax is a tax paid on the value of an individual’s estate when…

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WTT + SafeRec:  delivering unparalleled transparency

As the SafeRec certification process moves into its third month since launch, I’ve been…

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Umbrellas – ‘a little light and shade’

Umbrella is a word with an uncertain origin but perhaps comes from “umbra” meaning…

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New GAAR panel opnions

20th December, 2018 New GAAR panel opnions The government introduced a new General Anti-Abuse…

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Tackling Disguised Remuneration

22nd March, 2017 Tackling Disguised Remuneration Two Technical Updates on ‘tackling disguised remuneration’ have…

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