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WTT Partners with Refineri Consulting to provide Off-payroll Compliance Oversight

19th May, 2021

WTT Partners with Refineri Consulting to provide Off-payroll Compliance Oversight

A new partnership

WTT is delighted to announce its partnership with Refineri Consulting, a software solutions company which provides end-to-end development services to start-ups and established businesses.

As part of its service, Refineri outsources experienced contractors who, working alongside their clients, support them during the period of installation and testing. With the introduction of the off-payroll rules, it became apparent to Refineri that there was an opportunity to further support by providing IR35 expertise.

Clear alignment

Recognising a clear alignment in what the company was seeking to achieve, Refineri approached WTT to oversee and assess the IR35 status of all its contractor placements, thereby minimising the burden and risk to their clients.

Berat Daglar, founder and consultant at Refineri noted, “Constantly redefining our services and striving for holism at every turn is at the core of our business. Upholding this principle for our clients seeking workforce help meant relieving them of the entire burden of IR35 compliance and ensuring that every detail is up to standard. To make this a reality, we needed a partner with unquestionable legal expertise on the changes IR35 regulations bring to the workspace. We are thrilled to find in WTT not only such a partner, but also a culture of collaboration, transparency and integrity that reflects our own.”

Commitment to compliance

Going forward, a contingent worker outsourced by Refineri will have their contract with the client reviewed by WTT’s experts to ensure compliance. Only once all parties are satisfied that the reasonable care requirements stipulated by the off-payroll legislation have been met will the placement go ahead as agreed.

As two companies jointly committed to providing clients with peace of mind and the confidence to continue engaging PSCs our partnership will ensure that workers supplied by Refineri will be rigorously assessed under IR35.

WTT’s Managing Director, Rhys Thomas commented, “Our exciting new partnership with Refineri is a clear indication for the direction of travel for start-ups. Concentration on early structuring of compliance frameworks transforms itself into a tool for rapid growth. Refineri’s commitment to its clients is truly authentic and a large part of why the alignment between our two organisations will be such a success”.

The creation of our partnership allows Refineri to offer a seamless service to companies building their technological functionality through a flexible, experienced workforce. We are extremely excited to be able to support this forward-thinking company, combining our expertise with theirs to offer a holistic, compliant service.

To find out more about Refineri, visit their website at: REFINERI – fuel for thought

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