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Personal tax

Tax planning isn’t avoidance. It’s good old fashioned common sense. And we’re here to make sure you do it the RIGHT way. Using our experience of HMRC investigations, we know the rights from wrongs, the pitfalls and the ‘quick wins’ that turn out not to be so quick, or so winning.

WTT’s expertise spans a wide range of tax advisory services.  Take a look below to see what we can help with.

Planning for the future

  • Inheritence Tax

    Inheritance tax planning

  • Trusts


  • Capital Gains

    Capital gains

  • Pension


  • Charity

    Charitable giving

  • Dividens

    Dividend payments

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Capital gains tax

This can be a complex area of tax law, so, who is a chargeable person, how is CGT calculated, are there any exemptions and how do you report and pay CGT?

Read our guide for contractors here, where we walk you through all you need to know when managing Capital Gains.

>> Capital Gains Tax: a guide for contractors




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WTT has significant experience in advising on tax implications of trading in Cryptocurrency.  We can tell you all you need to know and what HMRC will be looking at.

Personal tax advisory

  • Closeup rolled of variety banknote and multi currency around the world. Exchange rate and Forex investment concept.-Image.

    In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for many people to have foreign income. We can help you navigate the tax complexities.

    Foreign income

  • Cogs

    If you work within a partnership environment, our advice can ensure you comply with regulations and keep your assets safe.

    Partnership income

  • Money for a house, pound sterling

    When property comes into the equation, it’s important to understand not only the legal requirements, but the tax implications whether that’s rental income or property disposal.

    Property income

To live your best, find your balance

Wow. Just wow. I had no idea I should be thinking about so much more than whether I was in or out of IR35 and who paid my NI. But when I talked to WTT I realised there was more ways I could help myself. Ok, so I don’t need all of it right now, but when I do, I know who to talk to.

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