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WTT Statement on IQ Consultants,IQ Contracts, Garraway Ltd, Darwin and Sanzar

6th February, 2020

WTT Statement on IQ Consultants,IQ Contracts, Garraway Ltd, Darwin and Sanzar

Loans passing hands

We have become aware that the loans that claim to emanate from the above schemes from late 2012 onwards have apparently passed into the hands of Felicitas Solutions Ltd. As a result many users of the above arrangements have received letters from Gladstones Solicitors (“Gladstones”) of Knutsford acting on behalf of Felicitas Solutions Ltd (“Felicitas”)

Gladstone and Felicitas

The letter from Gladstones and Felicitas offers no proof that the rights claimed actually exist. It is the opinion of WTT that all recipients of these letters conduct a thorough amount of due diligence as to the bona fides of the claimed transactions. This can be raised with Felicitas directly.

Felicitas also states that they are registered with the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading. The website of that organisation is here https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/statutory-boards/isle-of-man-office-of-fair-trading/ and we suggest that they would be an impartial body from which to seek advice if you consider that necessary.

Take advice

WTT is of the view that unless you have agreed a formal settlement with HMRC under the terms of the announcement made in November 2017 (CLSO 2), then a write off of the alleged loan may be a taxable event at the time of the write off. We, therefore, strongly urge you to take appropriate professional advice as to whether tax may be due in the event of a write off.

WTT is undertaking work on behalf of those clients who used the above arrangements and will be responding directly on their behalf and working with the relevant IOM authorities. For obvious reasons we are unable to share the full details here.

If you wish to enquire into these actions and/or join that action, please contact us on info@wttconsulting.co.uk alternatively we recommend you take appropriate professional advice before making any payments or indeed liaising with Gladstones.    

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