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From freelancing to setting up a small business, we can help

Our range of services extends far beyond IR35 and off-payroll work. From supporting you with tax enquiries and investigations from HMRC, through to planning for your future, safeguarding your assets and managing tax implications of additional income streams, we’re here to help keep you on the right path.

Many independent workers have used a Personal Services Company (PSC) and are now working through an umbrella agency. And some have gone on to become small consultancies and businesses requiring processes and mechanisms to manage employees. Our expertise extends into these areas, covering both tax and legal advisory services.

We listen, plan and empower you, so you can make informed decisions.

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As a freelancer or contractor, you likely think of your tax status as being determined by the end client you are working for since the introduction of IR35. In reality, while that is often the case, there are many variations that can apply as to how your services are procured and the tax implications associated with that.

In addition, you need to give consideration to your status for employment rights vs your employment status for tax purposes. We have put together a handy guide to help you understand the differences.

Download our guide here >> Employment status vs. tax status

Each individual and each contract is different. Your personal circumstances and tax considerations will vary over time and it’s important that you review your status on a regular basis to make sure you are in the best position you can be.

Managed Service Company Legislation

Are you operating as a Personal Service Company (PSC) and are concerned you may be at risk from HMRC’s investigations into breeches of the Managed Service Company legislation?  You can find more information and advice on our PSC Services page.

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3 options outlining how you get paid when working off-payroll
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You explained a complicated area in simple and clear terms, which helped me speak to others in a knowledgeable way, explain my position and get the best outcome. If you want to simply know what’s what – WTT is the place to go. I highly recommend them.

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